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Testing to help diagnose pre-eclampsia recommended by NICE

New NICE guidance recommends PIGF-based testing to rule in or rule out the short-term development of pre-eclampsia[1] Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland recently welcomed NICE’s new guidance recommending routine use of placental


Single blood sample can detect women at risk of pre-eclampsia

A study of pregnant women’s blood RNA has found specific molecular profiles that identify women at risk of pre-eclampsia. These insights can identify complications before a woman experiences symptoms. The


Diabetes drug may help to prolong preterm pregnancies in women with pre-eclampsia

Further trials needed to confirm results, but researchers are “cautiously optimistic” that treatment of preterm pre-eclampsia is possible Giving the drug metformin to women diagnosed with preterm pre-eclampsia may help


Exposure to vitamin D in the womb might minimise risk of high blood pressure for children born to mothers with pre-eclampsia

Children appear to be at greater risk of having high blood pressure when their mothers had the high blood pressure condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy – but this adverse association


Pregnancy complications linked to heightened risk of heart disease and stroke in later life

Along with several other factors, including starting periods early, use of combined oral contraceptives, and early menopause Pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) and pre-term


New study shows how pregnant women can rule out pre-eclampsia with one simple blood test

New study shows how pregnant women can rule out pre-eclampsia with one simple blood test A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that Roche’s Pre-eclampsia Elecsys®