By: 1 April 2007

Due to the difficulties associated with adequately cleaning and sterilising instruments with a very narrow lumen, an increasing number of theatre departments are looking at converting to cost effective single use alternatives.

As part of their commitment to expanding their already extensive portfolio of high quality, UK manufactured Laparoscopic Essentials, Cory Bros announce the launch of their Single Use Spackman Cannula.

The Spackman Cannula is routinely used in a wide variety of gynaecological procedures providing intra-operative manipulation of both the anteverted and retroverted uterus as well as facilitating quick, simple, effective hysterosalphingogram for tubal patency studies.

For further information on the new Cory Bros Single Use Spackman Cannula, or any other product in their extensive Laparoscopic Essentials Range, please contact their Customer Service Department.