By: 1 June 2007

Boston Scientific’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of health care delivery through the development and advocacy of less-invasive medical devices and procedures. This is accomplished through the continuing refinement of existing products and procedures and the investigation and development of new technologies that can reduce risk, trauma, cost, procedure time and the need for aftercare.

The Capio™ suture capture device is a proven tool, and has been designed as an ease of use device to automatically throw, catch and retrieve the suture. Thereby ensuring precise uniform suture placement, with efficient tying and reloading when compared to traditional suturing methods.

The Capio™ suture capture device allows for a single step procedure. Thereby extending the reach of the surgeon and assisting in difficult to access procedures eliminating the need for secondary surgical instruments.

This increases procedural control for the surgeon, and creates the potential for reducing the vaginal dissection required, and potentially reducing operation time and time for patient recovery post surgery.

The Capio™ suture capture device is available for both vaginal approach and laparoscopic approach.

For more information please contact Ian Logan, Marketing Manager on 07887 830721.