By: 1 June 2007

Royal Bolton Welcomes Arrival Of Three New Antares

Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust has been able to update its ultrasound screening equipment, thanks to the NHS Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Screening Programme which provided funds for three ACUSON Antares systems.

Melanie Sidorczuk, Lead Sonographer at Royal Bolton’s Maternity department, confirmed: “We’re delighted we will be able to offer a superior service to our patients when we commence first trimester screening, and we will also be able to undertake an earlier anomaly scan at between 18 to 21 weeks. The team appreciates the Antares’ ergonomic design, excellent image quality and most importantly the support we’ve received from Siemens.”

To assist in improving the quality of ultrasound screening, the Department of Health has allocated £12 million to those Trusts which have equipment that is older than five years (the recommended standard) and a minimum allocation has been given of £70,000. The Trusts have been able to purchase obstetric ultrasound equipment from an agreed list of leading suppliers and within an agreed framework to ensure the best value for money for the NHS.

Screening tests aim to detect structural and chromosomal anomalies and include ultrasound scan assessment and maternal serum screening.