By: 1 June 2007

The Complete Fetal Scalp Sampling Kit From Clinical Innovations

The Fetal Blood Sampling Kit contains all that is necessary to complete a FSBS, simply and without fuss.

The procedure tray contains The Lina™ Fetal Scalp Blood sampler, 6 cotton tipped swabs, 4 heparinised capillary tubes, a selection of end caps and adapters* all wrapped in a sterile drape.

The single-handed operation of the sampling wand with retractable lancet for safety provides a quick and easy solution for both the incision of the fetal scalp and the collection of a blood sample. The sampler is ready for immediate use and does not require any Vaseline™ or any additional petroleum Jelly based products.

There is a space on the procedure tray to rest ELA in a clinically clean environment between uses. This kit is only available from Clinical Innovation Europe Ltd.

* Radiometer™