By: 1 September 2007

Leica Microsystems and BrainLAB have launched new navigation system Vector Vision 7.0 of BrainLAB. Tooltracking tracks and focuses the microscope exactly to the ROI (Region of Interest) where the surgeon works. In combination with the tooltracking capabilities of the IGS system the optical axis and focal plane of the microscope follows in any lateral relevant direction the tip of a defined navigated tool.

The application of this new software program requires surgical operating microscopes which are equipped with a robotic function and adapted to the IGS-System.

Leica Microsystems is proud to offer with the Leica M520 OH3 and Leica M520 MS3 two high-end products which are fulfilling the high demands of automatic positioning. The perfect electromechanical system of the Leica M520 OH3 and Leica M520 MS3 allows, that each movement of the microscope is made very precise, free of oscillation, gentle but fluent, targeted and controlled.

This development offers a very important advantage for the surgeon: Handfree controlling of a surgical microscope.