By: 1 September 2007

The Kiwi™ Omni-C Cup

The Kiwi™ Omni-C Cup is a complete vacuum assisted delivery system specifically for use in confined spaces of the abdominal cavity i.e. Caesarean Section. The rate of caesarean sections has increased to 30% in some countries. The need to reduce risk for mother and baby is now more important than ever.

Although based with the same principles as the Kiwi™ Omni Cup, (hand held vacuum pump), the Kiwi™ Omni-C Cup has approximately 30% lower profile to help minimize the incision size. The flexible stem and finger grooves allow easy insertion and manoeuvrability within the combined spaces and also assist in the proper placement of cup on the flexion point. The baffle filter provides an adequate vacuum dispersion inside the cup.

Clinically proven benefits from the use of the KiwiTM Omni-C Cup in C-Sections are:

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Fewer hysterotomy extension and cervical lacerations
  • Smaller incisions

The Kiwi™ Omni-C Cup is the ideal all in one, ready to use device to assist in the safe and effective removal of the baby through the uterine section with total control.