By: 1 December 2007

Boston Scientific’s Hydra ThermAblator System, one of a number of Women’s Health products, uses physiologic saline at low pressure to reduce the risk of fluid absorption and electrolyte imbalance associated with laser and electrosurgical techniques.

The gravity flow to patient is designed to limit maximum fluid pressure to <55 mmHg to avoid the escape of fluid through fallopian tubes or cervical canal. Circulating heated saline fully conforms with the endometrial lining, which permits treatment of partial septate uterus and treatment in the presence of intramural fibroids less than or equal to 4cm.

The HTA System uses an externally heated saline, rather than an internal focused energy source, to avoid the risk of perforation associated with point sources of energy, such as the laser tip, electrodes, or internal heaters.

The procedure is performed under hysteroscopic visualization which provides clinicians with visual confirmation of sheath placement and treatment observation.

The HTA System control panel provides step-by-step prompts, designed to be easily operated, with user friendly self diagnostic messages and prompts to guide treatment.