By: 1 December 2007

Sports Doctor Praises G40 System

Staff at the Gateway Surgical Centre in Newham Hospital, London are getting the most from their new SONOLINE G40 ultrasound system, by using it for the whole range of musculoskeletal as well as gynaecology examinations. The G40 complements other new equipment at the state-of-the-art NHS Treatment Centre, the first of its kind serving the people of east London.

One of the main users of the G40, Dr Ian Beasley, Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, who is also the Medical Doctor for the Arsenal Football Club, comments on the system’s positive effect on workflow: “The G40 has made my daily practice immeasurably easier. It makes a huge difference to be able to get immediate ultrasound results with the patient present. The system’s colour Doppler capabilities are excellent, and I know that Fredrik Ljungberg or any of the Arsenal players would love to view their injuries on one of these systems.”

The G40’s intuitive user interface allows clinicians to offer comprehensive, diagnostic ultrasound examinations to more patients in less time. The compact system design with built-in cable management offers easy transportation and the DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation includes a built-in CD drive for cost effective output and archiving of data.