By: 1 March 2008


The innovative design of the BAGUERAcervical disc prosthesis combines state of the art technology and materials. It is designed for an easy and intuitive handling. With only four instruments and a lockable cervical distractor, the instrumentation was reduced to a minimum, to simplify the surgical act. To further facilitate OR handling, the implant comes pre-assembled, allowing insertion without having to touch the prosthesis.

The radiolucent fork, which is directly attached to the prosthesis, offers a great view of the anterior and posterior border of the implant and the vertebral endplates under x-ray control.

The endplates of the BAGUERAC are anatomically shaped, in order to accommodate the patient anatomy and to minimize vertebral endplate manipulation. The inside of the endplates of the prosthesis are coated with Diamolith.

A shock absorbing design and a guided mobile nucleus are intended to prevent excessive constraints on the facet joints and adjacent levels.

The titanium plates reduce artifacts under the MRI and improve the postoperative control.

A porous titanium coating on the outside of the prosthesis along with the upper and lower fins and the anatomical shape are designed for the primary and secondary stability.