By: 1 March 2008

Malvern Healthcare have recently launched the latest product in their range of Foetal Scalp Electrodes. The EZIplug™ 3 System was developed following concerns raised by midwives regarding contamination and possible cross infection from insufficient cleaning and disinfecting of adaptor cables. These adaptor cables form part of the connection systems supplied by all manufacturers of FSEs and are attached to the mother’s leg during delivery and are susceptible to contamination by amniotic and body fluids.

The new EZIplug™ 3 disposable Electrode has three wires, two for the foetal scalp electrode and a third which attaches to the mother’s leg by a press stud and ECG pad. The electrode is connected to the EZIplug™ 3 adaptor cable away from the birth area. If the adaptor cable does become soiled by handling it is fully sealed and can be immersed in cleaning fluid and disinfectant.