By: 1 June 2008

Cover Feature: Cytyc

FullTerm™, The Fetal Fibronectin Test, measures the presence of fetal fibronectin in vaginal secretions and is proven to assess the risk of preterm delivery in women who are 22-35 weeks gestation with or without signs and symptoms of preterm birth. The test can help determine if other interventions are necessary, or if she can continue working and performing normal activities.

The test is non-invasive and simple to perform. A specimen is collected from the posterior fornix of the cervix with a polyester swab and rinsed in the provided buffer solution. A small sample is extracted from the buffer solution and then interpreted automatically by an analyser which in turn provides a printout of the result. The test provides assurance to patient and consultant with 99.2% of women not delivering within two weeks of a negative fetal fibronectin result*.

The Fetal Fibronectin test is sold by Cytyc, now part of Hologic and is currently being used in more than 45 hospitals in the UK, and is cited in more than 150 peer-reviewed publications. For further information please contact Cytyc directly on 01293 522080 or visit

*Peaceman AM Andrews WW Thorp JM et al. Fetal fibronectin as a predictor of preterm birth in patients with symptoms: a multi center trial. Am J Obstet gynecol 1997;177:13-18.