By: 1 June 2008

ROMEO® – Versatility at it’s best

In January 2006, Spineart® launched its first version of the ROMEO® pedicle screw system in order to complete the companys innovative fusion portfolio, including the JULIET® ALIF and PLIF cages, following the philosophy of a comprehensive treatment concept for circumferential 3 column stabilization in degenerative lumbar spine pathologies.

Over the past years, the ROMEO® system has been continously developed into a universal posterior spinal fixation system and currently includes solutions for minimally invasive spine surgery and very soon for spinal deformities as well.

The new ROMEO2®, ROMEO2®MIS and ROMEO®LC feature a complete update of the existing instrumentation, thereby following the companys philosophy of simplicity, which reflects in our reduced and intuitive instrument sets, as well as our sterile packed implants. The JULIET® TLIF and OLIF cages complete Spineart®s lumbar cage portfolio, especially in terms of a minimally invasive 3 column stabilization.

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