By: 1 June 2008

The PASS LP polyaxial spine system, the advanced solution for thoracolumbar fixation

The PASS LP is an innovative and versatile posterior spinal fixation system based on polyaxial anchorages. It is the latest evolution of the original PASS system developed by MEDICREA over 15 years ago.

The rod is connected from a distance by loading connectors over flexible extenders on all anchorages. The choice of connector facilitates many correctional applications such as vertebral derotation, correction of local kyphosis, iliac fixation, etc. The PASS LP is unique in allowing a simultaneous translation on two rods (ST2R technique), which progressively shares the load across all anchorages and thus minimises the stress on the bone/screw interface.

With more than 33,000 cases performed worldwide, the PASS concept offers many outstanding benefits:

  • Connection at distance from the spine
  • Patended posted screw design acts as rod persuader
  • Ultra low profile: 13mm
  • Complete range of polyaxial anchorages, e.g. hooks and sacral plates
  • Minimised stress on the spine throughout correction

The PASS LP is incredibly user-friendly – no bulky instrumentation needed and only 2 trays for deformity cases.