By: 1 June 2009

4D Foetal Poster Illustrates the Different Stages of Development

A 4D foetal imaging poster that details real life images of the various stages of pregnancy is now available to Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments. It is an interesting education tool for junior staff and expectant patients.  The poster uses images obtained from Siemens’ ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system to illustrate the developments of the foetus from the first to the third trimester.

Images captured from early stages of pregnancy detail the formation of the skeleton, umbilical cord and eyelids. The diagnosis of an embryo in the chorionic cavity is also shown. Images are obtained via ‘Amnioscopic Rendering’ imaging technology, which carries out a unique method of surface rendering to provide detailed views.

The major developments displayed by the poster in the second trimester include the foetus making facial expressions and sucking its thumb.

Images from the final stage of pregnancy include a full profile of the head and realistic outlines of facial features. At this stage the foetus is 29-50 cm, the lungs are developed and digestive system is formed.

To obtain a copy of the poster please email Sarah Cowan: