By: 1 June 2009

The complete Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling kit contains everything necessary to take a Fetal Scalp Blood Sample. The Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling kit one of the world’s first sample kit that doesn’t require the use of petroleum jelly, reducing the risk of contaminated samples.

The tray contains a LiNA™ Single Handed FSBS wand, 4 heparinised capillary tubes, capillary end caps, mixing wires and a universal blood gas analyser adapter with a clot buster. The adapter will fit the majority of commonly available blood gas analysers. The tray is wrapped in a sterile surgical drape for easy dispensing.

The Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling kit can be purchased with or without ELA, our self-illuminating Amnioscope.

For more information about the Complete Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling kit, please contact us at Clinical Innovations (Europe), or visit