By: 1 September 2009

This Simulator provides a platform for the teaching and acquisition of many of the practical skills required for the successful management of childbirth. It has been developed for multiple professional training, in conjunction with midwives and obstetricians from Southmead Hospital,Bristol (UK) and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (UK).

It incorporates a number of features which enhance training: an anatomically correct bony pelvis in the mother (modelled from patient CT scan data), silicone pelvic floor musculature and a stretchable perineum. The baby is of newborn size and weight, is fully articulated,and features anatomical landmarks e.g. fontanelles, clavicles and scapula.

It was designed to improve training for the manoeuvres required to accurately manage both routine and difficult deliveries. A recent study has proved that training with mannequins, both low and high fidelity improves management of shoulder dystocia. Results published showed that training with the PROMPT Birthing Simulator was associated with a higher successful delivery rate than training with traditional low fidelity mannequins : 94% compared with 72%. For more information on this product and the study please visit