By: 1 December 2009

Clinical Innovations (Europe) has introduced a completely disposable “Latex Free” Lap and Dye Procedure Pack, DiOne.

The pack contains all the things that you require in an ergonomically designed and easily accessible tray.

The pack contains the following:

  • A flexible sound dilator to assess the length of the uterus
  • A single use Teals Tenaculum
  • An atraumatic Spackman Cannula. The softer tip and a moveable cervical bung reduce the risk of dye leakage and the potential to rupture the uterus during the procedure.

The unique Spackman Cannula ensures that the placement of the tip inside the uterus allows exact alignment of the dye holes with the fallopian tubes. The moveable bung reduces the rick of dye leakage and provides a more reliable result.

For more information on how this new and interesting DiOne can aid you in your procedure please contact us at 01235 530022 or email