By: 1 March 2010

Western Isles Hospital share the ATMOS vision of the future

The Colposcopy department at Western Isles Hospital are now realising the benefits of their investment in the ATMOS S41 Gynae.

With true ‘see and treat’ capability, patients, clinicians and healthcare organisations may benefit from the innovative design and customisable functionality of the ATMOS S41 Gynae. Clinics around the UK have followed this lead and are experiencing similar success to the colposcopy team in Scottish isles.

With the integration of the latest examination and treatment technology for colposcopy, hysteroscopy and ultrasound in a single system, the ATMOS S41 Gynae has a small footprint; the result is the creation of an ergonomic working environment for clinicians and a non-cluttered environment for patients. Examination and treatment may take place in a single outpatient setting removing the need for multiple patient visits; clinics are able to work more efficiently and reduce costs but most importantly, high standards of patient care are ensured.

ATMOS continue to invest in product development and are delighted to announce the launch of the second generation ATMOS S41 system, full details may be found on our website: