By: 1 March 2011

Vision Medical appointed exclusive UK partner for Carl Zeiss Colposcopes

Vision Medical (VM) is delighted to announce its brand new appointment as the exclusive UK partner for The Colposcope 150 FC, manufactured by Carl Zeiss. Effective from March 2011, existing and prospective customers of The Colposcope 150 FC can be assured by the continued expertise and extensive after sales support provided exclusively to them from the Vision Medical team.

The Colposcope 150 FC is used for the early recognition of cervical cancer and its preliminary stages and has been market leading in its delivery for over 20 years. The diagnostic microscope is used for preventive care in gynaecology, as the magnification allows abnormalities on the cervix os and cervical mucous membrane to be easily and reliably recognised. The optionally integrated video camera abilities and the ergonomic arrangement of the controls ensure highly reliable diagnosis and therapy.

Vision Medical has over 20 years experience in women’s health, delivering the best new, innovative and market leading products from global medical fields to the UK. For more information on the Colposcope 150 FC or VM’s growing product range contact Vision Medical directly for more information.