By: 1 September 2011

MyoSure® hysteroscopic tissue removal system launches at ESGE Congress, London

At the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) Annual Congress held in September at the International Convention Centre, London, Hologic® women’s healthcare company launched its MyoSure® Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System into Europe.

The bespoke polyp and fibroid removal system uses a mechanical mechanism of action and has a proprietary blade with a unique side window that simultaneously rotates and reciprocates enabling fast tissue cutting from any location within the uterus and intact tissue margins on the specimen. Its efficient tissue removal means shorter procedure times that can remove a 3cm fibroid in just 10 minutes. MyoSure requires normal saline and, because of its quick procedure time, minimises the risk of fluid overload. MyoSure has been especially created for use in an outpatient setting.

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