Division Manager, Clinical Innovations Europe Ltd

Q: How long have you been with the company?

A: I have been with Clinical Innovations (Europe) for three years, and in medical sales for over 14 years. I have an extensive field sales background, and have gained my clinical experience through sales in medical companies. I feel fortunate to be working in this industry, I’ve had an interest in human biology since school, and after spending a number of years in other medical fields, I was fortunate enough to start working for Clinical Innovations (Europe). Clinical Innovations (Europe) is by far the most rewarding company that I have worked for, which is a combination of both the people that I work with, and the products that we have.

Q: Do you find your job rewarding and if so, how?

A: Yes, without a doubt, especially in the training we provide. I really believe that our products are enhanced by our desire to ensure that people who are using our products are trained properly, to ensure the best possible outcome for the patients. I work with a lot of really fantastic people, and get to make a difference in people’s lives.

Q: Does your job involve a lot of travelling?

A: I travel extensively, primarily around Europe, however the company is now broadening its horizon, so I will soon be venturing internationally as well. Our office is based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, and we sell via distributors throughout Europe, which is where most of my work takes me. Also, I live 80 miles from the company’s base office, so even days spent in the office mean travelling time for me. The prospect of expanding internationally will also mean longer spells away.

Q: What do you offer the industry through your company?

A: I believe we offer the complete package to our customers. We offer innovative products, full complementary training for staff and full technical support. Continuity of care is very important to us at Clinical Innovations (Europe). One of our main objectives is also to be open to input from our end users – they are the best people to provide feedback for us. I believe it is this combination that we offer that is uniqu

Q: Who are your customers and what products/services do you offer them?

A: Our customers in the UK are hospitals and GP’s, while in Europe we work directly with distributors that are fully trained to sell our products in Europe. We are currently looking to expand into international markets as well, which will also be sold through distributors. The products we offer are primarily Obstetrics and Gynaecology equipment. I’m really proud of the products we sell, and we are constantly looking at new innovations within the industry as well as within our own products to identify new products and new benefits for patients.

Q: What is your most popular product?

A: Our most popular product without a doubt is the Kiwi OmniCup, it is the core product of the company. The Omni-Cup is a self-contained ventouse device that provides full control back in the hands of the user, and provides a good outcome for the patient. It is a fantastic product, and I am fortunate to be involved with it.

Q: What is your greatest challenge in your job?

A: Working within Europe, and now internationally as well, provides my greatest challenge, primarily due to different protocols across a wide range of different countries and cultures. My challenge is to work within these protocols to identify how we can continue to provide access internationally to our products, and ensure the best outcomes for our customers and their patients.

Q: How do you keep up to date with changes in the market?

A: We keep in regular contact with our distributors and customers, and continue to seek input from the end-user, which, while sometimes giving us more restrictive market conditions, provides us with invaluable feedback and resources on which to draw from. This feedback provides input into the requirements of the users, and helps us to identify gaps in the market. We are also constantly looking into research and development of new products, as well as new innovations in current products. It’s our aim to keep providing new and innovative products that will benefit patients.

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: Without a doubt, it would be our customer support and sales network. Our rapport with our customers and our determination to develop a mutually respectful relationship are a priority for us. We have highly trained staff who sell on a consultative level, and are open and informative. We strive to consistently provide quality products, training, support and service for our customers, and to continue to provide innovative products that provide the best patient outcomes.

Q: How are you committed to quality?

A: Quality of product, training, service and after-sales care are vital to our business. Our customer support and sales network is based on providing quality to our customers. We are committed to finding the best suppliers for our products, provide quality training, and ensure that any concerns are dealt with in a structured and coordinated fashion, including a full analysis of any potential defects in products. Without our commitment to quality our business would not exist.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: In my three years with Clinical Innovations (Europe), I have found that as individuals and as a company, we have grown together. My future plans are to continue working towards towards helping Clinical Innovations (Europe) develop across the UK, Europe and internationally, and to continue providing products and services that give positive outcomes for patients wherever they are in the world.