By: 3 April 2013

The first vaginal device approved by the NHS Prescription Pricing Agency for listing onto the NHS Drug Tariff, provides a non-surgical  method of treating stress incontinence.

Contiform gives women that do not want surgery for stress incontinence another option to treat the problem. After the recent TVT scares, many urogynaecologists are recognising that there can be significant problems with TVTs and are returning to the more traditional methods of treating stress incontinence, like pessaries.

Contiform is a vaginal device similar to a pessary, available in three sizes that can be inserted just like a tampon. It can be used as needed: all day or just for exercise. As it is anatomically designed, it is very easy to insert. It works by supporting the urethra, and keeping the bladder neck closed during moments of stress (when running, exercising, coughing or sneezing).

Now that Contiform is available on prescription, it allows doctors to give suffering women in the UK an affordable, instant, non-surgical solution that works. Director of Pioneer Medical Europe, Suezy Kowalski, says: “It has taken many months of hard work to get our application approved by the NHS but we are delighted that women now have a non-surgical alternative available to help treat stress incontinence”.

Stephanie Taylor, pelvic floor expert and founder of Kegel8, says: “Contiform is a great way to give instant relief to women suffering stress incontinence. Combined with Kegel exercise, it can bring about real change and help free you from the misery of leaks and endless toilet trips”.

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