By: 8 March 2022
HCML launches menopause policy

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, HCML, one of the UK’s most comprehensive providers of rehabilitation treatment and case management solutions, has launched its in-house Menopause Policy.

The policy, being led internally by HCML’s Medical Director, Dr Rebecca Brady, takes positive action to ensure every employee going through the menopause, or experiencing the menopause indirectly in some way, is supported.

HCML will embed this policy within the organisation through training at all staffing levels with the aim being to instigate a general shift towards having open conversations and ‘breaking the taboo’ around the impact of the menopause. 

HCML is launching the menopause policy as part of its wellbeing strategy that has been developed to support staff by HCML’s Director of PI, Rehabilitation & Case Management, Ian Waters, and HR Manager, Karen Hill. The wellbeing strategy encompasses all aspects of wellbeing and includes an Employee Assistance Programme, the presence of Mental Health First Aiders in the organisation and a commitment to hold regular wellbeing meetings on areas as diverse as nutrition, sleep and how to keep healthy in the era of hybrid working.

One area which has historically been overlooked in many companies is how to support colleagues going through the menopause. Research has shown that 25% of women consider giving up work because of menopause symptoms[1] and nearly one million women have[2]As a business, HCML believes it is of the utmost importance to develop a robust menopause policy and wellbeing support strategy to help the business retain its talented and experienced staff and allow everyone to thrive within the organisation.

As part of the policy, HCML has also signed the Menopause Pledge, a campaign being run by the charity, Wellbeing of Women. Signing the pledge solidifies HCML’s commitment to supporting its staff and creating an open working environment.

Over the coming year, HCML will continue to work towards long-term sustainable change within the workplace. This will include cultivating an inclusive culture where people feel comfortable to have these conversations in the workplace with the eventual ambition to attain accreditation as a ‘Menopause-friendly Workplace’. Managers will be provided with guidance and training to ensure they are equipped with the skills to support colleagues experiencing symptoms.

Dr Rebecca Brady, Medical Director, HCML, said: “As a practising GP, I understand first-hand the impact that menopause symptoms have on individuals. I am passionate about supporting a change in the mindset and attitude around menopause and providing a workplace where those experiencing symptoms can access support required, request necessary changes to their work environment and continue to thrive in their career.

“Launching the policy isn’t just to support those experiencing symptoms, it is to help our entire team develop an understanding of menopause so that they are able to support colleagues, friends and family members.”