By: 18 January 2023
Deadline approaches for the next generation of the Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme

Health Education England (HEE) have partnered with Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) to offer a unique and exciting career development opportunity for NHS Nurses and midwives who are descendants of the Windrush generation or who are from an ethnic minority background.

The Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme is the largest training course HEE has ever funded, selecting nurses and midwives from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to embark on a tailored leadership development programme to become Florence Nightingale Foundation Nurses and Midwives.

The benefits Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme is that candidates complete their course with more self-awareness, improved sense of equal treatment and go on to lead with a greater leadership presence.

The application deadline for the Windrush Nurses and Midwives Leadership Programme closes on 20th January 2023. The programme will be a blended delivery of both face-to-face and virtual sessions with a celebration event in London.

Marion Gerald Mangalindan, Deputy Charge Nurse at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and FNF alumni gives us an insight into his FNF journey.

Marion Gerald Mangalindan said: “As a Nurse, I believe I am in crucial position to make a difference every day. During the pandemic, I realised that Nurses have emerged as leaders. I applied for this programme because I wanted to expand my skills and start my leadership development journey.”

Every session of the programme was meaningful and left a mark in my heart as a nurse and aspiring leader. As an aspiring nurse leader, I found the session on leadership energies helped built my self-awareness in relation to my authority, presence and impact are vital in leadership.

To the next generation of the Windrush Leadership Programme, my advice is for you to enjoy and seize every moment. Discovering yourself and being open to new learning is a key component in your Windrush Leadership journey.”

Do not be hesitant in submitting your application; the only real failure is the failure to try, and as a Florence Nightingale alumnus, I commit myself in supporting you to the best of my ability.”

Windrush nurses and midwives were, and their descendants remain, major contributors to the NHS workforce. FNF and HEE acknowledge their impact to healthcare and thrive to increases knowledge and expertise between both organisation so we can improve patient care overall.

More information on the Windrush Leadership Programme, the learning structure and how to apply can be found here.