17 March 2023

What is colic and how to deal with it

Peter Walker, a UK expert on Developmental Baby Massage, discusses the signs of colic and how to relieve it What IS...

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14 February 2023

The role of a pharmacist when treating hormone imbalances

Five things you didn’t know about pharmacists and how they can help with hormone-related conditions  The origin of pharmacists is...

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1 December 2022

Wrexham Maelor Hospital evaluates clinical use of PLGF point-of-care testing for pre-eclampsia

Dr Lynda Verghese, pictured right, Consultant Obstetrician and Maternal Medicine Lead, and Dr Yee Ping Teoh, pictured left, Consultant Clinical...

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15 November 2022

Do women really need testosterone?

Paaven Patel, Operations and Quality Assurance Pharmacist at Specialist Pharmacy, and Rizvan Batha, Director of Operations & Superintendent Pharmacist at Specialist Pharmacy...

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8 November 2022

How hypothyroid symptoms can be treated via a private GP and specialised compounding pharmacy

Rizvan Batha, Superintendent Pharmacist at Specialist Pharmacy discusses the signs and symptoms of thyroid problems  Thyroid hormones - thyroxine (T4)...

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3 November 2022

Compounded DHEA – the wonder hormone which can help manage menopause symptoms

Compounded DHEA can help manage menopause symptoms and improve energy, clarity of the mind and quality of life. DHEA is...

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27 October 2022

Consultant in focus – Q&A with Benjamin Black

An obstetrician and gynaecologist, and a specialist advisor to humanitarian organisations, Benjamin holds a specific interest in how to respond...

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23 September 2022

Compounded testosterone: Why women need it

Many people think that testosterone is a male hormone and not something that women need, however, it is a vital...

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