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Breastfeeding, even for a few days, linked to lower blood pressure in early childhood

Babies who were breastfed, even for a few days, had lower blood pressure as toddlers and these differences in blood pressure may translate into improved heart and vascular health as


Study shows remote monitoring technology improves antenatal care and reduces costs by 20%

The peer reviewed paper published in Science Direct demonstrated a significant 20% reduction in care costs for pregnant women, who are at greater risk of preeclampsia, through switching to remote


Exposure to vitamin D in the womb might minimise risk of high blood pressure for children born to mothers with pre-eclampsia

Children appear to be at greater risk of having high blood pressure when their mothers had the high blood pressure condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy – but this adverse association


First-time pregnancy complications linked to increased risk of hypertension later in life

Women who experience complications such as preterm births and preeclampsia during their first pregnancy are nearly twice more likely than women without complications to develop high blood pressure later in


Low vitamin D at birth raises risk of higher blood pressure in kids

Vitamin D deficiency from birth to early childhood was associated with an increased risk of elevated blood pressure in later childhood and adolescence, according to new research in the American


Pregnant mother’s weight, glucose and blood pressure affect baby’s size

Pregnant mother’s weight, glucose and blood pressure affect baby’s size Being overweight or obese in pregnancy causes babies to be born larger, according to new research led by the Universities