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Giving birth at 40-plus is increasingly common

An increasing proportion of women aged 40 and over in Sweden and Denmark are giving birth. Nevertheless, over a recent 10-year period, the need for assisted reproduction for women over


The Portland Hospital announces acquisition of The Birth Company

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, part of HCA Healthcare UK, has announced the acquisition of The Birth Company, a practice which provides specialist imaging, scans, and consultations for expectant mothers


Experimental treatment offers hope of fertility for early menopausal women

Menopause typically signals the end of a woman’s ability to become pregnant. However, in a small new study, a novel approach of administering platelet-rich plasma and gonadotropins near the ovarian


New drug can improve fertility in women with reproductive health problems

A drug that acts via the natural ‘kisspeptin’ hormone system in the body has the potential to treat reproductive health problems in women, according to a new study. Twenty-four women


Use of some contraceptives may temporarily delay a woman’s fertility from resuming

Women may have to wait eight months for fertility to return after ending their use of injectable contraceptives, study suggests. Women who stop using some forms of contraception may have


How an egg cell’s ‘operating manual’ sets the stage for fertility

Recent work from Carnegie’s Allan Spradling and Wanbao Niu revealed in unprecedented detail the genetic instructions immature egg cells go through step by step as they mature into functionality. Their


Women could conceive after ovarian tumours

Women receiving fertility-sparing surgery for treatment of borderline ovarian tumours were able to have children, a study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden published in Fertility & Sterility shows. Natural fertility was preserved


Australian fertility software launches in the UK

Life Whisperer, the fertility arm of AI healthcare company Presagen, commercialised its flagship product in Australia in late January and released it through a distributor into India, Sri Lanka and


International survey reveals a lack of knowledge about the impact of thyroid disorders on fertility

Merck, a science and technology company, recently announced international survey results that reveal a lack of understanding about the implications that undiagnosed thyroid disorders can have on fertility, fetal development and the


Increased fertility for women with Neanderthal gene

One in three women in Europe inherited the receptor for progesterone from Neandertals, a gene variant associated with increased fertility, fewer bleedings during early pregnancy and fewer miscarriages. This is