By: 24 March 2020
NCT switches to virtual antenatal courses in response to coronavirus

NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents, has responded to the coronavirus crisis by moving its antenatal courses online.

The charity is now running virtual classes for expectant mums and dads instead of its usual face-to-face courses.

Chief Executive of NCT, Angela McConville, said: “We want to support mums and dads-to-be at a very stressful time while taking on board Government guidance about social distancing. So this week we’ve launched our antenatal classes in a virtual format and will be providing online courses for the foreseeable future. Expectant parents need social connection now more than ever.

“Our new courses are interactive, engaging and social and provide an essential lifeline in these worrying times. Our experienced course leaders continue to provide essential evidence-based information about pregnancy, birth and the early days with a newborn. They’re still local so  also enable new mums and dads to build a community support network of other parents having a baby at the same time.”

NCT has run over 50 virtual courses this week. Annabel, an expectant mum from Chorlton, South Manchester, said: “The content of our course was great and we had a really good chance to chat and interact with other mums and dads-to-be. I’m very grateful to have been able to do the course as I was worried it would be cancelled.”

Coronavirus is understandably causing concern amongst many expectant and new parents and worries can often be heightened during pregnancy and in the early days with a newborn. NCT has seen an increase in enquiries from parents who are concerned about a number of things including the effects of the virus on pregnancy, childbirth, babies and toddlers.

The charity has set up a dedicated Covid-19 team so it can quickly adapt to changing guidance and respond appropriately to inquiries from parents. It is also constantly updating its website to try to reassure, support and inform mums and dads-to-be and new parents at this difficult time.

NCT has a wide range of information on its website, helping to keep a focus on facts not fear, which includes articles on what pregnant women can do if they’re worried about the virus and how to manage at home with a new baby or young family.

Further information about NCT’s virtual antenatal courses can be found at: