By: 8 April 2020
SleepAngel® Pillow: an effective barrier to coronavirus

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The SleepAngel® pillow – available from Central Medical Supplies – can help reduce the risk of infection and has been tested against Human Coronavirus 229E, which includes COVID-19

An alternative to standard hospital pillows, the SleepAngel® pillow – developed by Gabriel Scientific – provides a clinically proven barrier to contamination and features the patented PneumaPure™ filter technology. This technology enables the pillow to ventilate, so it’s comfortable, but prevents the passage of liquids and airborne pathogens that colonise the interior of standard bedding products.

In tests carried out by airmid healthgroup, different areas of the SleepAngel® pillow were tested for their permeability to Human Coronavirus 229E. Human Coronavirus 229E was chosen as a representative for the Coronavirus family, due to the relevant role Coronaviruses play in mild to severe respiratory syndrome.

The test results show that the pillow does not allow the transfer of viral particles through the seams, the filter or the fabric itself. The SleepAngel® pillow was proven to be effective in acting as a barrier for Human Coronavirus 229E. The test, which was carried out using a BioStage impactor, demonstrated that the SleepAngel® pillow was able to block 99.9% of the virus. 

The SleepAngel® pillow features a multi-stretch, polyurethane coated, soft touch outer fabric. It is vapour permeable, waterproof, durable and easy to wipe clean. The pillow seams are welded on all sides rather than stitched, as needle perforations caused by sewing seams are over 100 times larger than harmful pathogens.

A Class 1 medical device – making it designed and registered for use in hospitals – the SleepAngel® pillow can improve patient care and help save hospital trusts money, as well as helping fight infection. Hospital bedding has an important, and often overlooked, role to play in infection control.  The SleepAngel® pillow is infection resistant, which keeps it clean inside. Standard pillows can become contaminated inside but the SleepAngel® pillow is a scientifically proven 100 per cent barrier to germs, including MRSA, Norovirus, C.diff, E.coli and other allergens.

The SleepAngel® range includes the SleepAngel® duvet, which also uses  PneumaPure™ filter technology. The duvet is vapour permeable, waterproof and easy to wipe clean using approved disinfectants. The range also includes mattresses, small memory foam pillows and positioners.

For more information on products in the SleepAngel® range, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Medical Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email More information is also available by visiting